Thomas J. Nolan III, PhD

Norman, Oklahoma



Two of the most insidious problems that lead to ninety (90) per cent or more of the difficulties we have in life are stress and emotional problems.  Stress, resulting from life’s problems, i.e., relationships, money, jobs, etc., is constantly haranguing us.  Emotional problems resulting from unresolved anger and fear are also difficult to bear.  Both stress and emotional difficulties can be related to negative thought patterns.  Negative thinking is said to be the source of dis-ease.

Dr. Nolan has developed a process that helps you to locate that place within you that represents your source of peace.  He will show you how to use this state of mind to resolve stressful and emotional situations from the past.  He will also show you how to use this procedure to reach your inner teachers or spirit guides to assist or enhance your healing process.

Dr. Nolan has a unique educational background, including a Ph.D. in Ecological Psychology where he developed a new model for health by integrating the Holistic Health and Biomedical Models; a Master’s Degree in Chemistry; a BS in Mathematics and Chemistry; and a Trainer’s Certification in Behavior Modification & Goal-Setting.

As a result of his experiences, formal education, and studies, Dr. Nolan has developed a system, The Pathway of the Holistic Warrior, which focuses on balancing inner and outer world realities.  Through this system, consultations, seminars, workshops, and individual programs are offered to help you develop your own pathway in life, your life’s work or as Campbell said, “Find Your Bliss!”

Dr. Nolan is interested in helping clients identify problems, blocks and/or patterns of sabotage, find solutions, and develop spiritually.   Thus, each client learns to create realities that are self-sufficient, not co-dependent.  For more information, private sessions, or readings, contact:

Thomas J. Nolan III, Ph.D.


4235 Brookview

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